4 trending styles for winter 2022!

The style this winter has been all about winter whites, your Grandpa's plaid, leather or faux leather bottoms, and bulky knit sweaters and turtlenecks.Let's dig into this a bit:White this winter is so chic and a huge trend right now! Whether you wear it head to toe, add a colored accessory, or just choose one white piece, you can't go wrong! White jeans, joggers, sweaters, and blazers are all great choices in white.
It may not be your Grandpa's plaid, but it's close! Any type of plaid, from tartan, houndstooth, madras, and tattersall, it doesn't matter what kind, it all looks good! Wear a plaid skirt (yes, think of the schoolgirl type plaid skirt), and boots, wear plaid pants, a plaid blazer, or even as an accent on your shoes! 
There isn't anything that brings an edge to an outfit quite like leather/faux leather! I'm seeing faux leather joggers, leggings, jackets, skirts, and on and on! Pair faux leather leggings with an oversized plaid shacket or blazer, wear jeans, a tee, and a faux leather jacket, faux leather jeggings are so cute and pair well with a tight fitting top. You're personality will no doubt come out when you wear this style!
Lastly, let's talk bulky sweaters and turtlenecks. I don't love wearing a mock neck/turtleneck, but I do love it on others! I'm not giving up though, I'm going to keep trying! Bulky sweaters though, I can get behind. I love a sweater dress, a sweater over leggings, a sweater with a jacket or blazer on top, but my favorite way is with jeans! As much as I love getting dressed up, I really love dressing casual. Pair a sweater with a pair of canvas shoes, a necklace, and a messy bun and all is right with the world!Tell me, what is your favorite style above? Are you more casual or do you prefer to get dressed up? Are you happy these styles have come back around, or would you prefer they'd stay in the past?