About Us

Tom and Laura are a Husband and Wife duo. Tom loves the business side and Laura loves fashion. We are the parents of 5 amazing kids, that push us every day to work hard.

We started Blue Bamboo as a way to earn extra money. It has turned into so much more for us! It's a community that has supported us and we've made friends from all over the world! It's also a way for us to be creative and express ourselves in different ways.

Our goal is to find items that are good quality and classic styles, that can be worn year after year. We don't want fast fashion or pieces that only hold together one season. When someone asks you where you got an item, we want you to say, "it's an old style from Blue Bamboo".

In our spare time, Tom enjoys sports, his X-box, and has recently gotten into amateur carpentry.  Laura loves reading, baking, and her family.

 We are so glad you're here, appreciate you, and hope you find something you love!


  Rigby Family