Dress for your body: The petite frame

When talking about body proportions, I don't want to get into the fruit shapes. What does that even mean?! I mean, most the time when talking about what your body shape is, fruit is referenced. You can have a pear shape, an apple shape, etc. I don't fall into any one category, and I think a lot of people are more than one! So when talking about someone with a petite figure, it doesn't mean your whole body is petite. It could just be your top half, or your legs. (For example, I have a tall top half, but my legs are short.) So today, we're talking about what to wear if you are petite on top, on bottom, or both!

Just like we talked about before, we want to trick the eye into seeing something different. With a petite figure, you want to appear taller, or longer than you really are. Wearing a 3/4 length sleeve will make your arms seem longer. An off-shoulder type top, will elongate your neck, and make you seem taller. A head to toe light color will elongate the body as well. Cropped jackets are your friend, if your waist is short! Also high-low dresses will show a little leg in the front, to give the impression of height.

Let's talk bottoms!
If  your legs are short, high-waisted pants are going to visually lengthen your legs, to make them seem like they go on forever! Pleated pants are another trick to make your legs longer. The pleat down the middle will draw the eye, and make them seem long! Midi skirts, and pleated skirts will make you seem tall. The vertical pleats automatically lengthen your legs. The midi skirt shows some leg, instead of a full-length skirt cutting them off. Skirts are going to be better than dresses. A dress (unless it's for a petite figure), will make you seem like you're drowning in fabric, and is usually dis-proportionate on your frame.

Let's also talk accessories. To lengthen the legs, pointed toe heels are the way to go! They lengthen, and give a bit of visual height. They don't have to be tall, just a tiny heel is enough! Statement earrings are another way to open the neck to seem like you're taller up top.

I hope you learned something, and are enjoying our series! What would you add? What body type should I tackle next? Reply and let me know!

We'll talk soon!