Let's talk about the curvy Mama's!

A curvy figure can be defined in a few different ways. Some call it the hourglass figure. Some say curvy. I'm going to consider it someone that has a lot on top, a lot in back, or has a defined waist. They all technically fall into this category.

If your middle section is small, and all around is wider, that's considered hourglass. You'll want to avoid boxy clothes or anything shapeless. Try to accentuate the waist while also drawing the eye to other places that you like.

A peplum or keyhole top are very flattering.  A v-neck is a great option and it can be however deep you feel comfortable. Another complimentary top is a wrap style that ties at the waist, highlighting that area.

For bottoms, there are several great shapes that work for this body type. High waisted, flared, wide leg, and skinny are all complimentary. A paperbag style would also highlight the small waist and look great.

If you're dressing up, a fit and flare shows off the waist, so does a wrap dress.

One thing to remember with this shape is to be sure to have a correctly fitting, supportive bra. Nobody wants saggy or droopy as a focal point. 🙅‍♀️  

A curvy figure seems to be extremely desirable with a lot of celebrities endorsing waist trimmers and talking about butt implants. I think there's good qualities about a variety of shapes, not just this one. My purpose in this email series is to help give you the confidence with whatever body shape(s) you have, and make it easier to find ways to complement what you love about yourself. You're amazing and have a lot of great qualities. Don't forget that.