Simple tips to help you go from sloppy to styled!

Do you ever look at someone and think, "Wow. They have everything pulled together, perfectly tousled, but also exactly in place"? I'm going to tell you some of the tricks that stylists use to help their clients pull their look together!

The first way, wear a necklace. It's a big fashion trend right now to wear several necklaces, stacked on top of each other. There's really no wrong way to do this either. Generally, I would say create dimension and have them staggered, with different shapes, but with this style, the necklaces can be the same shape or length, and it still looks great!

Next is not as much for hot weather, but when wearing long sleeves, whether it be a long sleeve tee, or sweatshirt, roll the sleeves. Do a messy job, and only roll them up 1.5 times, or 2.5 times for this look. This makes it look intentional without being too rigid and straight. (That style reminds me too much of college boys that have a yacht and a trust fund 😜). A really cute way to style this is with stacked bracelets and with/out your watch.

Tuck in your shirt. It can be all the way if it's a tight shirt, or a front tuck if it's a loose fitting top. No matter what type of top, or even if you're wearing a sweater, tuck a piece of it in. Tucking in your shirt changes the straight hemline and gives a sophisticated feel while also giving your eye a break from the harsh line. 

My final tip is to have confidence! If you like what you're wearing, it shows in how you carry yourself and in your attitude!