Simplifying your morning routine!

You make so many decisions every day, I want to take the stress away from getting dressed!

My first tip is to start with what you have, and don't go buy anything new. Make an inventory of what you have, either by pictures of outfits you like together, or by taking notes of what you like wearing. I'm very visual, so if I can't see it, I don't remember it's there. There are tons of instances when searching my closet, I find a shirt that I love, but had forgotten about. This way, I know what I have. Make sure what you choose still fits correctly, and you're not constantly adjusting it.

After you decide what you like, keep the same top, and change around the bottoms. Pair it with a skirt, maybe with leggings, or even with slacks.
Play around with different accessories or cardigans as well to see what works best. Then, take notes or pictures of the different combinations. After you finish with the tops, do the same with all your bottoms, until you have several options of each.

Now when you get dressed, you have notes (or photos) of all your possible options. That way when you go to choose, you can quickly glance at what works, and practically throw it together, because you've already made the decision!

I hope this helps take away some frustration and helps your morning routine run smoother!